Friday, August 30, 2013

Aphrodisiacs: Get in the Mood with Food

Couple kissing on table, Woman on table kissing, Sexy picture of couple kissing on table
Check Please!
There aren’t any major scientific findings that conclusively prove that aphrodisiacs truly get people in the frisky mood.
However, these foods couldn’t have created a long held reputation for spiking arousal if it wasn’t true, right? When humans eat, they use all their senses when enjoying a meal, therefore creating the mood with food not only takes the chemical properties of food but the visual representations and scents as well. Personally, I like to take the “anything helps” approach when it comes to getting in the mood food; I suppose many of you take that approach as well. Here are 6 foods to get your lover in the mood.
avocado, aphrodisiacs, sexy heart avocado Since ancient Mayan times, the avocado has been linked to sexual desire. The Aztec word for avocado is “Ahuacuatl” which means testicle. Aztecs believed that the avocado resembled testicles when hanging in a pair on a tree and that it was a sexual stimulant. Across the world in Spain, Catholic priests outlawed avocados because of the fruits’ provocativeness. I guess it had something to do with the avocado’s mushy, creamy, delicious inside.

Chocolate aphrodisiac, sexy chocolate, chocolate covered, Dark Chocolate mans fingers, Sexy Dark Chcolate, Dark Chocolate Aphrodisiac We all know Valentine’s Day is just another day  ”The Man”  created to capitalize off us poor schmucks. Men go in droves to CVS to purchase the finest chocolates for their special someone on this day. However, there may be a silver lining to this whole commercialized Valentine’s day chocolate rush. Chocolate contains serotonin which is the chemical linked to making humans happy.

Oysters aphrodisiac, Sexy Oysters, Libido, Zine
Oysters on a Half Shell
It is common knowledge that there’s something about oysters that gets women rev’d up and men “standing at attention”. “But why is this so”, you ask? Well Casanova himself was said to consume these slimy delicacies by the dozens. Oysters resemble the female genitalia. Additionally, they contain loads of zinc. Lack of zinc is linked to male impotence. Oysters are served best with champagne. Lots of champagne.

Sucking Banana, Eating banana, sexy banana
Remember in middle school health class when you had to put a condom on a banana to learn how to properly use contraception? That was because bananas are penis shaped. Bananas much like cucumbers or carrots are considered phallic symbols.  So would this be considered an aphrodisiac? You’re damn right!

Hot Pepper, Chili Peppers, Aphrodisiac, Sexy Peppers
Spice it up!
Time to bring on the heat and spice things up! The capsaicin in peppers are what makes them spicy. Capsaicin boosts your heart rate and body temperature. With blood pumping more freely through your body, your sex organs also gain that benefit as well. Increased blood flow to your nether regions lead to…well you can draw your own conclusion.

Lobster, Sexy Lobster, Aphrodisiac, sexy food
Lobster Tail
Lobster has always been associated as a luxury food and with its charmed recognition as an aphrodisiac, its no wonder this succulent crustacean is a top choice for many a romantic meal for two. Lobster lovin' couples delight in the sensual affair of sharing lobster meat dipped in drawn butter. Eaten with a mini fork or one's fingers the experience can be very sexy.  The science behind this aphrodisiac lies in that fact that it is packed with nutrients such as B-12, sulphur, calcium, iron, and zinc, some of which is believed to enhance ones libido and sexual desire. 

If you’re really trying to set the mood tonight I suggest that you make dinner with all of these aphrodisiacs. Start off with oysters as an appetizer. For the main course make a spicy lobster salad topped with avocados (see where I’m going with this???). Finish the meal off with tasty chocolate dipped bananas.