Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Drink of the Day: Refreshing Classic Mojito

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Classic Mojito

Refreshingly crisp and undeniably tasty, The Mojito cocktail is both easy to make and a welcomed accompaniment to a hot summer’s day.
Making cocktails is a great way to spend time with or get to know someone, so here is your chance to show off a few skills. Try this a few time on your own, this will allow you to calm and confident when preparing this for your guests.  Once you’ve master your new skills, invite some friends and show off your new skills

Ingredients: (1 serving = 170 Calories)

•8 Fresh mint leaves
•2 tsp Cane sugar or Sugar in the Raw
•Fresh Lime Juice -  2 fl oz
•White Rum – 2.5 fl oz
•Soda Water - 1 fl oz

Items needed:

•Muddle stick or a fork will work too
•Highball glass
•Spoon or stirrer
•1 Straw


Place 2 tsp of cane sugar into the glass along with the mint leaves. Then add 2oz of freshly squeezed lime juice and muddle (smash up) ingredients together but try not to break pieces of the mint leaves as these will be left floating. This allows the oils of the mint to mix with the other ingredients.

Add crushed ice to the glass (up to the top), then add 2.5 oz of white rum, Finish off with a top up of soda water, then swirl contents of glass to mix in. Add a sprig of mint to garnish, stick a straw in and serve. A truly classic cocktail, that if made right is sure to impress the pants off even the most stubborn of cynics.