Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The "Hail Mary" Bar a football spin on the classic bloody mary bar

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Hail Mary Bar
 You are throwing a football viewing party this weekend and you want something different then the same old beer and malted beverage options.  No problem!  A “Hail Mary Bar” (Bloody Mary Bar) is full of options and creates its own fun and entertainment for your guests.

Since the Hail Mary can be done a million different ways, having a Hail Mary bar where your guests can make their drink to their taste is the way to go. Those who are into hot sauce can dash away, while others can bench the vodka if they like. Here’s what you’ll need:


A nice vodka will do the trick, think Absolute Peppar or Stoli’s Hot

There are a number of commercial Bloody Mixers out there, one of our favorites or Zing Zang, but any will do. But don’t forget the classics as well, TomatoJuice, Calmato,  V8 or V8 Spicy.

More than just Hot Sauces like Tabasco, Tapatio, or Dave’s Insanity Sauce, Hail Marys can benefit from everything: steak sauces, soy sauce, pickle juice, lime juice, clam juice and various spices.

Your guests will love an arrangement of interesting fruits and pickled vegetables to experiment with, like pickled peppers,  garlic and other spicy vegetables even see them with grilled shrimp and prawns, but don’t forget the celery .

However the favorite accompaniments include: asparagus, green beans, celery, jalapenos, watermelon rinds, olives, pickles, celery salt, fresh cracked pepper and horseradish.

Don't forget your long spoon or spear to dig out the yummies at the bottom of the glass.


Keep your Hail Mary mix chilled with ice on the side.

Create an easy glass-rimmer setup with kosher salt on a plate, and place a plate of lime juice next to it.

Keep salt and pepper handy.

Display all the fruits and pickled vegetables in the forefront with all the sauces on the sideline for guests to choose. For the inexperienced, make a note card of your favorite combinations to encourage them to have fun and make it their own.

Make sure you have all the right serving utensils for the vegetables. Skewering an olive with a toothpick is hard to do after your third bloody Mary.

Now invite the crew and prepare for tons of fun and great times.