Thursday, September 5, 2013

Thirsty Thursday's Drink of the Week: The Chocolate Cake Shot

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The drink of choice is different from person to person, since it depends on taste and personal choice. But one drink, which is a staple for most bars, parties, clubs and get-togethers, is a shot.
The shot is meant to be drunk straight up in one gulp, to give a powerful alcohol rush to your head. One shot is usually all it takes to get the party and the night started. And this one is sure to get the night going in the right direction…

Chocolate Cake Shots Recipe
Chocolate Cake Shots, Vodka, Frangelico, Lemon, Sugar
Simple as CAKE!
  • .5 oz Frangelico
  • .5 oz Vodka
  • 1 Lemon wedge or slice
  • Sugar

  • Add Frangelico and Vodka to a cocktail shaker, filled halfway with ice and shake well, then strain into shot glass.
  • Powder the lemon slice with sugar.
  • Lick the sugar off and suck the lemon.
  • Down the shot in one gulp with sugary lemon juice still in mouth.
  • Repeat  Repeat  Repeat

Now, you can make your cake and drink it too!